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Tanumita Saha, Tanisha's Mom

Tanisha is part of MFDM and Creative Movements classes at KIDS DANCE HOUSE.

My daughter was just four years old when she had expressed her desire to learn dancing. Being a single child, she has none to play with in the house and due to lack of time, we cannot take her out always.

It had always been my aim to involve my daughter in some physical activities along with learning any type of dance. Hence, instead of selecting some traditional dance form, my intention was to select dance forms like jazz or zumba so that she can do some exercise also.

At KIDS DANCE HOUSE, I found that all my criteria were fulfilled. The studio is also beautifully decorated. I'm very satisfied. I suggest everyone to send their children to learn dance at this school. I'm very confident that you'll not be disappointed. Rather it would be a wonderful.


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